Grandparents – Essential wheel of life

Try recollecting few fond childhood memories and I am sure most of them would be related to your grandparents !!! Hence, I am so glad that RG is blessed with both maternal & paternal grandparents who love…rather spoil him to the core!

Their role in our little ones life is probably as important as ours even if not that regular.Their presence or absence does make a difference in his growing part. His actions, interests, handling situations and many such behavioral activities are directly or indirectly related to their presence. Missing them and then remembering the things they would say and do , also brings joy for that moment.

Its fairly proven, that they can teach many such things that we as parents probably miss upon in the haste of teaching modern and new learning.  Also, the approach towards the kids while playing, teaching or even feeding is so different that kids observe and react differently too (mostly happy & positive). Things like mythological stories, park strolls, playing sound games, sharing life experiences are few of their brownie pointers where they don’t usually fail, in fact kids love them for that.

In my case, fortunately both the sets of parents have always trusted our decisions and actions in regards to RG, it was their support and love that pushed me forward…every time I thought I am doing miserable as a mother!(And mind it… there were many such times). However, at the end of the day , when you know there is always someone to pick you up after every fall, you gain more confidence and try doing better for yourself and for them too.

My mum & dad were practically RG’s parents in his first 3 months and did everything to give me rest and at the same time take care of their #sonshine . Since, I was diagnosed with ‘dengue’ just 3 days after my delivery, I was in complete bad space where my health was terrible, mental state was battling between good and bad emotions and few more post par-tum issues were being discovered. In such a situation, my parents were nothing but ‘GOD.’

RG’s paternal grandparents too never leave a chance of pampering & spending quality time with him since they live away and miss him terribly. they wait for our return wherein they can shower him with all goodiness once again.

Living together with grandparents has its own highs (and probably no ‘lows’ at all).

However the distance makes us crave for our next meetings with both these adorable set of people.

Although we do miss…Masti with Nanu (he calls him baba), little treats from Nani (Umaai) and all the attention he basks in for almost every second of the time he is there.

Dadu & Amma’s drives are remembered every time we go out and visiting them is always a great pleasure for all of us!

Mythological stories, summer vacations, visits to parks, special food treats, long sleeping hours, playing without a time limit, eating what we wish to, learning cultural activities, tight hugs & kisses and many such exciting things is what I relate to my grandparents and which I am sure RG would too!

All in all…the grannies & the babies both need each other for their daily dose of love

P.S: RG is lucky enough to have one great grand dad & great grand mom who are living their final inning in the joy of his presence.

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